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Information on Syria Civilian Abuse

A lot of violations of human rights have taken place ever since the civil war started in Syria. Most of the international peacekeeping organizations have reported that a lot of these violations are beyond the norms governing the international laws on human rights. Majority of the civilians are those that are usually caught in the crossfire between the warring groups and they have suffered immeasurably.

There have been a lot of casualties ever since this particular war started and a majority of the affected citizens have also been internally displaced. Those who have been directly hit by the effects of the war have to live the rest of their lives with either the emotional or the physical scars that they have acquired. This has not only caused devastation among the affected but also extreme suffering as they will have to live with the consequences of the war.

Truth of the matter is that in as much as the rebels are involved in the committing of the human violation acts, the Syrian government has immensely contributed to this too. Some of the global organizations have investigated and finally connected the current ruling regime in Syria with the launching of chemical war on some of its citizens. Attack with chlorine gas leading to a number of casualties is the most known chemical war that was launched by the government.

Children have also not been spared in this war. A lot of their rights have been violated. Some of the rebel groups in Syria are training child soldiers and this means that they do not get to lead a normal life. They have to actively participate in the war and do as they are told. Being actively involved in this war means that they get to risk their lives and lead the kind of life that is offered to them. Food is also a scarce commodity in the affected areas implying that people have to starve for long. A lot of the reliefs offering humanitarian organizations that have tried to offer help have often been attacked.

The warring groups have also not spared the health facilities, which are meant to act as a place of refuge. As a result of this, it has become almost impossible to offer even the basic life saving procedures and hence the loss of lives which could have been saved had there been a good health facility. Another thing is that medical experts have also been targeted in the bombings. It is important that the war gets to end so that people can go back to leading their normal lives again.

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